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We have developed state-of-the art manufacturing unit, which is self reliant with all the required equipment and machinery. It is because of our sound manufacturing abilities that we are capable of meeting bulk order requirements within the stipulated period.

Our Services
With our pool of deft artisans and craftsmen with years of industry experience, we specialize in the following services:

Textile Dyeing Services
In textile dyeing, generally organic (carbon-based) compounds are dissolved in appropriate solvents, usually water. The dyes from the solution gets absorbed on the textile surface and passes on to the fabric material by the diffusion process.

An important property of dyeing is its levelness, i.e. same depth of colour must be there all over the textile material. We ensure that this condition is well fulfilled while the fabric undergoes dyeing in our unit. Different materials, both natural and synthetic, ranging from woollens and lace to carpet textiles; are used by our craftsmen for the textile dyeing.

Moreover, our dyeing technicians follow instructions, like colour and other requirements of our clients, which chemical dye formula to use and the temperatures at which the desired results can be achieved, all these factors are taken care for. Further, they also take into account the type of fabric used and any special treatments that are going to be applied afterwards. Computer-controlled instruments are used for this purpose. Lastly, they develop the sample and perform a quality control check on it to ensure the textile passes through colourfastness test and does not fades when washed.

Textile Printing Services
Textile printing is an art of ornamenting the fabrics with different designs or patterns, in multitude of colour combinations. In the recent times, the textile printing has gained popularity due to the fact that digital designing and printing can be done in customized manner.

At Aman Fashion we incorporate different patterns or designs in the fabric by the means of printing. Moreover, sharply defined patterns are incorporated by us in different types of textiles. The colour is applied by special means, either by a wooden block, a stencil or engraved plates, or rollers to prevent it from spreading. These colours used by us are best in quality, to ensure the textile should pass through the colour fastness tests. Following these, the textiles pass through steaming process and are subjected to several post treatments like exposure to light, washing and other processes before they are ready for distribution.

Block Printing / Tie-dye / Batik
In hand block printing, the popular kalamkari technique is also used apart from hand painting. The typical border designs are especially incorporated in this technique. Moreover, the popular tie and dye and batik prints of Gujarat are also incorporated by our adept craftsmen.

Different articles including wall hangings, prayer mats, waist bands and dress materials like women's petticoats, children garments, dupattas, bed sheets and caps are designed by this technique. The block printing and other types of printing like tie-dye and batik is done using iron acetate resist for solid spaces or outlines and alum is used as mordant. The color dyes used by us in the printing are all natural. The wax resist is used for dyeing the cloth in varying colors. Since only natural colors and chemicals are used in this form of printing, it has fast gained popularity in the international markets.

Textile Designing and Garments
Textile Designing is specially done on Jacquard, Damask, Applique, Aubusson, Chintz, Crettone, Brocade, Ikat, Tapestry, Dobby and more textiles. Especially designed home furnishings, upholstery fabrics and other clothings are made by us on demand. The designs and styles incorporated in the textiles and garments are unique in the sense that each piece reflects ultimate craftsmanship. Our craftsmen include varying designs in the textiles and garments ranging from embroidery work, sequined work, different types of stitching, prints and other computerized designs.

Moreover, different shapes, sizes, designs can be incorporated on specific demand of our clients. Our designs are ready for production in the textile manufacturing units and are suitable for both weaving and printing techniques.

Different types of textile printing services offered by us are underlined below:
1. Rotary Printing.
2. Flat Bed Printing.
3. Screen Printing.
4. Hand Block Printing.